• Jet Dispenser JDF 1000 – Selective filling of holes

    This machine was developed to fill blind vias and through holes in printed circuit boards with paste. Holes with a minimum diameter of 80 µm can be filled selectively.


    Detail: Dispenser unit
    Detail: Dispenser unit
  • How it works

    The printed circuit board is placed on the work table and pneumatically clamped. Next, the CCD camera is activated and the printed circuit board is measured. Any deviations are calculated by the controller, and the positions are automatically adjusted. Each hole is approached individually and filled in about 0.2 seconds using a micro-dosing valve.




    • Basic machine structure made from natural hard stone (granite)
    • Water-cooled linear motors for high-speed positioning
    • Wear-free drive with maximum dynamics
    • Sieb & Meyer CNC controller built into the machine frame
    • CCD camera to determine the position of the PCB
    • Software to identify holes and/or markers on the PCB

    Technical data

    • Measuring system with 20µm grating (0.5 µm resolution)
    • Work area: X axis 610 mm, Y axis 650 mm, Z axis 50 mm
    • Feed rate: max. 50 m/min.
    • Electrical connection: 400/480 V, 3P/N/PE, 50/60 Hz, 3 kW
    • Pneumatic connection: 6 bar