• Curtain coating lines for photosensitive soldering stop lacquers

    The curtain coating process using photo-structured soldering stop lacquers is suitable for all standard lacquers. The printed circuit boards pass through the lacquer curtain at a typical speed of 90 m/min. Lacquer is automatically pumped from the lacquer storage container into the coating head. A microprocessor-controlled viscosity regulator in the lacquer container automatically adds solvent and consistently regulates the temperature to ensure the precise viscosity of the lacquer. The coating head creates a vertically falling curtain of lacquer. The printed circuit boards are coated evenly with the desired layer thickness. The coating unit consists of the coating head, lacquer container, pump, and viscosity regulator.

    In the cross-direction, the coating unit is kept on rails and can be removed. If the user has a second coating unit, the units can be switched out. That makes it possible to switch lacquers in just a few minutes. An optional feature is a fully automatic coating-margin stop.

  • Technical data

    • Lacquer types: all standard lacquer systems
    • Framework: pipe profile, welded from V2A stainless steel
    • Cladding: V2A stainless-steel sheet
    • Transport speed: 0.2 – 5 m/min
    • Coating speed: max. 93.5 m/min
    • Viscosity: 40 – 110 sec. (DIN F4 measuring cup)
    • Automatic viscosity regulator
    • Layer thickness, dry: 20 – 60µm
    • Max. circuit-board format: 610 x 450 mm (LxW)
    • Min. circuit-board format: 250 x 200 mm (LxW)
    • Circuit-board thickness: 0.8 – 3.2 mm
    • Total connected load: 400/480 V, 50/60 Hz, 4 kW

    Complete systems with a curtain coating machine and dryer as well as loaders and unloaders are also available in any combination.